Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Tenk yu tru"

"Meri" bloused Martha... standard wear for PNG ladies... a gift from the care group we mentored. A humbling honor to have them throw you a "mumu" (feast and party) from their minimal possessions. Lots of love flowed. We're gonna miss them... most assuredly.

Martha in her native attire. PNG perfection!

Had the joy of giving Bibles in the trade language of PNG to wives of some of the students. There message to you who made it possible went something like this. "Tenk yu tru long kisim long buk bibul."

Note the smiles.
PNGers, most who have little, show appreciation life few we know. These ladies brought Martha the "bilim" bag she holds to honor her for the 30 blankets we/you provided their village. A fancy bilim, like this one, is worth at least a months wages. Plus they brought us five pineapples out of their gardens. Moving.

A very sacrificial and meaningful gift to Martha.

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