About Mickey & Martha Park

Since leaving the pastorate in 1995 we have been involved in the pursuit of our passion…to serve the servants of Christ around the world. GlobalServant Ministries was formed for that purpose. In this journey our ministry has spanned over 40 countries with 20 plus+ different organizations at their request and our financial cost.

We serve experienced in understanding and surviving the challenges of ministry life. We put together a marriage where we love each other and honor each other. We survived the pressures of ministry demands - people’s expectations, time demands, financial lack, living in a glass house where everything you do is judged- and bringing up five children who, by the grace of God, have their own walk with God and are our best friends.

From that foundation of experience we work with missionaries, pastors, national workers overseas and in the States, as well as lay people all over the world. The issue is not so much what we do when we are serving the servants of Christ, but what we are when are with them… a counselor, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a mom and dad, a source of reality, a cause for laughter, and hopefully a channel of God’s love and grace.

We offer our home as a cost free quiet spot for those in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual rest and recuperation. No agendas, just fellowship, Martha's unique culinary ability, quiet, and solitude in the spot God entrusted to us for His purposes.

These last years of working with often wounded warriors and hidden heroes we consider a humbling privilege of enormous proportions from the gracious hand of our God.  We have asked God to enable us to be Biblical practitioners and to communicate Biblical truth accurately in terms of real life. It is our profound privilege indeed to serve the servants of Christ around the world.